How to change a tyre successfully

A flat tyre is never a good sign when you’re out and about. You can’t keep driving on it, so what’s the best course of action? Well, if you’re looking to change a tyre yourself, it’s worth following these tips!

Always change a tyre safely

First and foremost, only change a tyre if you feel completely comfortable doing so. Make sure you’re parked in a safe place, both for the benefit of yourself and other drivers. If you’re broken down on the hard shoulder of a motorway with a flat tyre on the driver’s side, you might want to wait for a recovery truck to arrive.

If you decide to go ahead with the tyre fitting, engage first gear and apply your handbrake to make sure your vehicle doesn’t roll anywhere. Then make sure you know the correct jacking point for your car, so it doesn’t drop down onto the rim while you’re working. Raise it up on the jack only when you’re confident everything’s ready and you’ve loosened the wheel nuts.

Make sure you’re fully prepared to change a tyre

Having the right equipment is crucial to successfully fit a tyre. If you don’t have a locking wheel nut, a jack, a spare wheel, a high-vis jacket or an idea of where to place your jack, don’t begin to change your tyre.

However, if you do have all the correct tools, you can remove the wheel nuts completely once the vehicle is stably raised on the jack. Keep those bolts handy as you’ll need them for the new wheel. Place your old wheel under the car and then the spare tyre on the axle. Remove your flat or damaged tyre from under the car and retighten all the bolts. Carefully lower the car back down and ensure all the bolts are as tight as they can be.

Always get a mechanic to check your work

If you’ve fitted a spare tyre, chances are it’s a space saver and unfit for prolonged use. Book your car in for an appointment with a local garage to have a standard tyre fitted. Even if you have changed your flat tyre for a standard one, it’s worth having a mechanic check your work, just for your peace of mind.

A new tyre may require an adjustment of your wheel bearings or wheel alignment, and that can only be done using state-of-the-art equipment. So, if you’ve changed a tyre recently, book an appointment with PJE Automotive LTD today! We’ll check the quality of your tyre and provide an affordable replacement if it’s a space saver. What’s more, we’ll check your wheel alignment to ensure everything is working as well as it should. Book your appointment online today.

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