What does my Engine Management Light mean for me?

A Engine Management Light

It can be incredibly alarming when a dashboard warning light comes on, especially if it’s the engine management light. While there’s usually a specific problem being highlighted by other warning lights, there’s no one trigger for this one. A whole host of problems could be to blame. So, what should your next steps be if this warning light comes on?

Why has my engine management light switched on?

It’s always worth trying to work out why your engine management light has come on, even if you can’t pinpoint the exact cause. Some of the most common faults include your emissions system, mass airflow sensor, ignition system, DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter but only if your diesel car doesn’t have a separate warning light) or a loose petrol/diesel filler cap. Obviously, some of these faults are a lot more problematic than others and almost certainly require a trip to a garage.

What should I do about my Engine Management Light?

No matter the circumstance, a diagnostic test is the safest plan of action if your engine management light doesn’t switch itself off like normal. However, your time frame for booking an appointment changes depending on what colour your light is.

Amber: This means that your engine is not running correctly. We wouldn’t advise that you drive very far if it’s flashing because it might develop into a more serious problem quite soon. If it’s a continuous amber light, you can keep driving as it’s unlikely to develop into a much more serious problem any time soon. However, don’t forget about it. You should still look to book a diagnostic appointment as soon as possible.

Red: This means there is a dangerous problem which could cause expensive damage. We would recommend that you pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so and then organise recovery of your car to go straight to a garage. A red engine management light means there is something significantly wrong with your car and you’ll probably notice that it’s difficult to drive as well.

Here at PJE Automotive, we recommend that you book a diagnostic test whenever you notice that your engine management light is illuminated. Not only can it cause problems when you’re driving, having any form of warning light on during your MOT test counts as a major fault and leads to failure! If your engine management light is switched on, book online with us today.

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