What is Engine Remapping?

If you own a prestige, high-performance vehicle and haven’t heard about engine remapping, you’re missing out! Here at PJE Automotive, we love making these vehicles even better, and a large part of that involves engine tuning and reconditioning as part of a remapping service.

But what is this?

Well, we’re here to answer the three main questions about engine remapping and, hopefully, help you understand why you should invest in one for your car!

What is engine remapping?

Engine remapping is a complex procedure which helps reprogram your ECU (engine control unit) to bypass the restrictions car companies place on their vehicles in order to sell them in as many countries as possible.

A mechanic uses high-tech, state-of-the-art equipment during an engine remap to subtly alter telemetry graphs. The complexity of these graphs, and the damages altering the wrong ones can cause, are precisely why you should always choose an engine remapping specialist rather than try and do the work yourself.

How does engine remapping work?

Every modern car has over 1000 different telemetry graphs which control the subtle intricacies of how your vehicle accelerates, brakes, handles, changes gear and everything else in between!

Here at PJE Automotive, we focus solely on high-performance vehicles to help access their full potential. During an engine remapping appointment, we’ll subtly alter the correct telemetry graphs based off what you want out of the appointment. It can be time consuming to alter each graph individually as sometimes it involves miniscule changes, but we believe the range of benefits are more than worth the investment!

What are the benefits of engine remapping?

The benefits for your prestige vehicle are numerous and bigger than you might expect. Now, you probably bought your Audi, BMW or other high-end vehicle because of the performance it delivers. These cars are designed for sheer driving pleasure – but they can always be improved.

Unleashing the full potential of your vehicle’s engine allows for greater acceleration and torque, meaning you get up to speed quicker. It also increases your top speed slightly and helps you overtake other drivers faster. Even though it may be incredibly tempting just to drive fast, driving sensibly brings its own benefits as well.

Engine remapping helps improve your fuel economy, so you’ll go faster for longer on each tank of fuel. And who doesn’t love those sorts of savings?

How PJE Automotive can help

We can offer you a professional engine remapping service in Brighton for all your prestige vehicles. Our mechanics are highly experienced and offer friendly advice to make your appointment the best it can be. So, if you’re interested in this performance boosting service, why not make an enquiry with us today? It’s free to do so with our online booking tool and we’ll do our best to help you in any way possible.

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